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Wine  lovers, connoisseurs of new tastes and fragrances!

Wine is a lifestyle that is different for every person. It is about constantly learning, exploring new aromas and developing a unique preference. It is incredible how our habits and taste change over time. We might even advance our preference about packaging.

WINE BY KEG wants to introduce you new eco-friendly innovative wine packaging- 3L mini keg and at the same time give you the joy of discovering this wonderful taste of high quality Certified Vegan and Organic Spanish wine.

Each wine is different and so are the people. There is may people with many different opinions on the taste and quality of wine. 

WINE BY KEG’s goal is to provide you with carefully selected wines aligned with end consumers’ taste profile and budget. 

Our wines have an excellent Price to Value ratios.

Together with the WINE BY KEG we want your home to have the best “Damn Good Wine” delivered straight to your door at a great price.

We understand that every palate is different, WINE BY KEG hopes to satisfy yours. Our wine ranges from red, white, rose to the best Sangriá.

We hope even the pickiest wine drinkers can find their favorite by purchasing WINE BY KEG.

Thank you so much for visiting!

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